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We Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary

2014 - 2018


Our New Logo

Innovation for People Empowering

Inagata Technosmith designs and develops digital products for the world’s most respected brand. We believe in technology and innovation can empower people for a better future life.

Inagata Technosmith was asked to create a unique and distinguishing mark to symbolize the innovation. Considering its multilingual audience, the logo had to be read in Italian and English, and the symbol had to encompass the notion of space while maintaining three-dimensionality.

The logomark was created from the foundation of the i and g that starts InaGata. The iG forms one continuous line symbolizing inclusion and community. The shape of the iG has been designed to give the illusion of space and threedimensionally with a gradient effect. We created a logo that was truly distinctive and sustainable with the ability to be adapted for future use

All of Our Secrets

Expertise and Practice Area

We only make digital products & services.

Product Strategy, User Research, Design, Technology, Analytics & Optimization: everything you need to make a successful digital product or service, and nothing more.

Good products require good development.

The best digital products and services are made by designers and engineers working together in the same room. We created Inagata to offer the benefits of such collaborations at scale.

One team:
Client + Inagata.

We ask our clients to participate directly with us in an intensely collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined team, making things the right way, with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables.

Best Anniversary Moment

We Create All Together

Together we can do something better.

In a team, the power does not lie in the role of one person, but the strength formed by all members.